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Airwave Wireless Client Information Privilege Management

Hi All,


I would like to get some of the feedbacks from the people here regarding the topic on Airwave Wireless Client Information Privileges Management before submitting for a feature request. 


Missing FEATURE: 

Lack of configurable Client Information Privilege Management for different Roles for data privacy concerns. There are certain roles where we want to forbid any access to the wireless client information ((No client information access); whereas for operation helpdesk, we want to allow them to find out currently connected client information and another role "admin" where we allow full access. 


Here is what I am proposing and it is open for discussion and comments before I submit my proposal to the Feature Request Portal.


Currently, these are configurable options:




For VisualRF, you can only set the role to either “Read Only” or “Read/Write”  -> This will give you either the read-only access or Read-write access to the VisualRF.  

For  AP/Device Access Level, it gives the Role “Manage”, “Audit” or “Monitor” rights


Manage -> Give write access to the devices

Audit -> Give read-only access + Audit Tab

Monitor -> Give read-only access (without Audit Tab)





Currently, client information can be found in these places, (AP page – Current Client Association), (Client Tab)





Under Client Tab,



 My suggestion is to, add one more entry to the Role:



Clients Options:

1) Disable will basically hide all client information (Hide the client information in the AP view, Hide the client Tab & Hide client information in the VisualRF)

2) Only Currrently Associated/Connected Client (Show connected information in the AP view, Show client Tab but Hide Client History Details in the subtab under Client Tab, & VisualRF can show only current associated client but hide “show location probability”. (Search Function will allow the current client associated to be found).

3) Enable (Show all client information like what we currently have)


By having this options, we can manage different groups of people in the role by:

Option 1: Disable client access information. (No access to any client Information)

Option 2: For helpdesk/operations access to do troubleshooting and find out where the users are currently connected to (which AP).

Option 3: For engineering / high management view: Full access to the client information


Let me know what you all think and it's an open discussion before I submit it to the feature request portal.







Re: Airwave Wireless Client Information Privilege Management

You should go ahead with filing as a feature request (provide a link to this forum thread as well since you included the right amount of details in the post).

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Airwave Wireless Client Information Privilege Management

Thanks Rob. Feature Request Submitted. If anyone who has similar requirements, kindly go and promote this feature request below: 

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Re: Airwave Wireless Client Information Privilege Management


Thank you for taking the lead on requesting this HTan2.  It was so far out on my TODO list it probably never would have happened.


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Re: Airwave Wireless Client Information Privilege Management

IT's quite a big thing when you start to show the wireless clients moving around in the building mapsto the users. Data privacy question will start to pops up in the mind of everyone. Impressive what you can do but the question is how do we control who has control of these information. I think this is something that is missing. 


If we can get enough attention and support from the Airwave user, hopefully a new feature can be implemented. It can be something that is suggested or something that the Airwave Engineering team think that is more appropriate since they know the Architecture best. 



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