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Airwave & syslog / device events



my question is what's the best way to get all the device events/ syslog messages i can see on the controller (local events/ process logs) to airwave. Is this possible, does this make sense?


Is there anything regarding syslog/ device events airwave configures on controller after changing the device from "monitor-only" to "manage"?


This is configured on controller:

snmp-server user "amp" auth-prot sha xxx priv-prot des xxx 
snmp-server enable trap

mobility-manager x.x.x.x user amp xxx udp-port 162 rtls 8000
mgmt-server type amp primary-server x.x.x.x


1. I think this means that only snmp traps are send to airwave?

2. Is it possible and good practice to send also syslog?

3. What do I have to configure on airwave to see the snmp traps?


For now I can't see anything under "System->Syslog & Traps", No records available.




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Re: Airwave & syslog / device events

Now I am a bit confused. In Best Practices Guide I read that only SNMPv2 Traps are supported. But Airwave have configured itself as snmpv3 trap host.


I want to poll the devices with snmpv3. If only snmpv2 traps are supported, ok. But how can I get rid of the snmpv3 trap host configured via airwave?




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Re: Airwave & syslog / device events

Although the Guide tells only support SNMP V2c, but the ArubaOS on the controller support SNMPV3 inform (which is trap with ACK).

Configuring SNMP V3 between Aruba Controller and AirWave What you need to check before configuring SNMP V3:

  • Both the Controller (Master or Master/Local) and the AirWave have the correct Date/time and they are sync with each other.
  • Make sure that this command   controller-ip vlan ? is configured on the controller, and the VLAN is belong to the same IP address that you will add to AirWave.

#show switch ip ; use this command to check the IP address that you need to add to AirWave

  • Select SNMP V3 user account to configure on both the Master/Local and the AirWave (SH1 / AES).

    Note: when having many controllers on one Airwave, then you have to configure the same user/password.

On the controller:


Step 4 is to add a new SNMP V3 user (needs to be configured before you add an IP address of the AirWave in step 5), you need the following entries:

Username, Select SH1 with a password, and Select AES with same password used for SH1

Apply, and then save the configuration.

Note: if Enable Trap Receiver is not selected then there will be no IDS Events displayed on AirWave RAPID tab, as well as, no Syslog & Traps information displayed on AirWave System tab.

CLI Command after add the configuration from GUI:

snmp-server user "username" auth-prot sha ****** priv-prot aes ******

snmp-server enable trap

snmp-server host x.x.x.x. version 3 username inform engine-id XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX udp-port 162


On Airwave:

Only need to add the SNMPV3 user


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