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Airwave and Aruba OS disagreeing on outages

I am experiencing a problem with some users on a small academic campus.  The main campus is AP-105s but there are several 61s in individual buildings uplinked to the building where the controller is located through fiber.


If I log into the controller and go to AP Installation, it tells me that the access points having the problems have been up for about 70 days.  The users began to report extreme slowness or outages in these buildings that have one 61 per building and the Airwave activity looks like the following image:



Notice the breaks?  Does this mean that the access point never went down but the connection did in fact fail somehow?  I just don't know if "uptime" in the Aruba OS refers to time that the access point has been powered on or the amount of time it has had uninterrupted network connectivity back tot he controller.  My guess is that the connection from this AP is being broken but I wanted to confirm it before we blamed the fiber line and not the AP.


Re: Airwave and Aruba OS disagreeing on outages

Those breaks at the bottom of the graph do indicate that the user count was unknown at that time (perhaps because AirWave considered it down).  If you look at the event log lower down on that page, does it appear that AMP considered it down?  If it was down, then we should have given you an indication of why we thought it was down.

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