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Airwave and Controller IP Problem



I wonder if anyone can help with an issue on Airwave.

Firstly, the background is that we have just finished reconfiguring/upgrading our systems to offer 2N controller resiliency that comprises 12 locals controllers and 2 masters split over two data centres (6+6 and 1+1)


We are now running LMS/ Backup LMS (and HA won’t work on our network arrangement) on AOS We have the following example addresses on the local controllers:


VRRP for masters (only VRRP)
Master controller IP
S/Master controller IP


Example local a-1
Controller IP
Wired LMS
Striping IP


We have similar setups on all 12 locals (6 in data centre A and 6 in data centre B). The above addressing scheme was ‘approved’ by TAC and we did not introduce loopbacks as they told us this was legacy.


The issue we are having is with Airwave, 8.2.5. We reconfigured Airwave to talk to the reconfigured masters and locals from the old configuration which had a completely different addressing scheme. We set the device IP address under APs/Devices/Manage to be the controller IP. Which all worked fine. Unfortunately, overnight, the IP changes itself from being the controller IP to the striping IP (example above), which I cannot understand.


Even if we change the IP back, it then changes itself again overnight. We have ‘scan for new devices’ scheduled to run overnight at 2am and wonder if this is when the change happens.


One thing we did note when configuring the controllers is that the only way of adding extra addresses to the controllers was to add them via VRRP, even if we are not using VRRP, which seems an odd way of having to configure things.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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