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Airwave and adding ArubaOS 8 Mobility Master environment

im probably just not checking the right documents but what is the approach of adding a ArubaOS 8 (.2.1.1) Mobility Master environment (2 x MM, 2 x MCs) to Airwave? do i just add the master MM and will the rest be discovered?


anything else to consider?


which Airwave version is needed at least for this?

Re: Airwave and adding ArubaOS 8 Mobility Master environment

No , go under the MM > System > AirWave and for the MCs do it under Manage Networks .

If you use snmpv2 make sure you add each management networks

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Re: Airwave and adding ArubaOS 8 Mobility Master environment

i noticed those settings, so i enable send to Airwave on both configuration locations and everything should work?


or is there something to do on the Airwave side also?


trying to use SNMPv3 btw.


versionwise i see the first mentioned of MM in Airwave 8.2.4, so at least that version is required i assume.

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Re: Airwave and adding ArubaOS 8 Mobility Master environment

If you only add the MM manually to Airwave via SNMP2 using Device Setup> Add> Aruba Device and enter the credentials, Airwave will be able to discover other controllers that are controlled by that MM.  The gotcha is that it will only be able to discover them if you have already set the parameters in Airwave in Device Setup>Communication> Aruba to the credentials that those devices (MDs) should have ahead of time.



- On your MM, go to Configuration and then navigate to the highest folder possible (never configure anything at the Managed Network folder level, only folders below that) and go to System>SNMP to configure your SNMP information for all of your controllers.  When that is configured, click on "Pending Changes" and then "Deploy Changes" to push it to all of your controlloers.

- Next, go to Airwave under Device Setup> Communication> Aruba to set the credentials that will be used by Airwave if it discovers a device through another device.  Only SNMP v2 string is required here.


Once you add the MM manually to Airwave, it should discover all of the other controllers using the SNMP credentials you set.

By default Airwave manages devices using SNMPv2.  After the devices are added using SNMPv2, you can change it so that Airwave polls them with SNMPv3 by editing the Airwave group the devices are in and changing the SNMP version to 3.

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