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Airwave change IP address

Hi All,

    I have a customer who needs to change the IP address of the Airwave server, will this be an issue? do I need to carry out any special tasks, will the licenses still be ok?

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Re: Airwave change IP address

You will need to consider the license as it is tied to the IP address, so plan ahead and consider your license. Below gives you an overview, however it is sightly dated.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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RE: Airwave change IP address

The license is related to Airwave IP.

If the IP is changed, the license must also transfer to the changed IP.


For the license transfer operation, go to the HPE My networking Portal page.

Available in the license item.

However, the owner of the portal account that registered the license is self-made,

Otherwise, you will need TAC support.

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