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Airwave client device OS detail

I wanted to see if others have run into this issue...


We are running on Airwave and ArubaOS and utilizing AMON.


Recently, we were asked to run reports to identify client device OS details; specifically on the breakdown of iPhone/iPad devices and the iOS version they were running.  Taking my devices (iPhone/iPad running iOS 9.3.5) as a baseline to ensure the data was being captured properly, I checked in Airwave for my devices and I noticed that they are registered as running iOS 9.3.1.


I checked the controller for my device entries and noted that the controller sees my devices as running 9.3.5.


I checked entries for a cowokers devices iPhone and Macbook Air and noticed a discrepency between what the controller sees vs what Airwave reports.


It is as if the Airwave database is not updating it's client OS related parameters and using some old data.


I have a case open for this situation and hoping it's something as simple as flushing some db entires on the Airwave side...similar to the 'clear aaa device-id-cache' command on a controller I guess....


If you have run into a similar situation please let me know....


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Re: Airwave client device OS detail

A quick update to this; I've been working with Airwave TAC and it has been determined that the AMON payload only encapsulates CL_USER_DEVTYPE for Device type. It doesn’t have “User Agent String” which has the OS version.


Bug ID 'DE26667' has been created.




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