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Airwave - heatmap and speed overlay not accurate

I might be my issue as i am still not familiar with it. However, the heatmap and speed overlay shown in visualRF is not accurate. It is showing a much higher result than the actual reading. Can someone direct me on fixing it? I even setup a new wall with higher attenuation but there is not much different in the result.

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Re: Airwave - heatmap and speed overlay not accurate

Can you please post a visual example?  The speed negotiated by a client is decided by a number of factors, such as access point capability, client capability, and how a specific client type would choose to negotiate.  The speed overlay in Airwave would be just an idea of this  should not be taken verbatim due to the variables involved.  If you are doing a survey, you should probably be doing it based on signal strength.

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Re: Airwave - heatmap and speed overlay not accurate

Are your floor plan dimensions correct?


Also, I dont' believe it's advisable to draw walls on your maps unless you're doing a virtual survey.

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