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Airwave license- Visual Rf


kindly help me with the below:

a client needs a tool/ software for heat mapping,indoor planning with the ability to catch intereference , its reasons.... and all the newest features that might be found.


So I have suggested the Airwave license with RAPIDIS and VisualRF (JW546AAE). would this license be enough? 

and what are the requirements to be found with it in order for the visual RF to run smoothly?




Re: Airwave license- Visual Rf

Typically AirWave is licensed based on the number of network infrastructure devices monitored.  From there, if you're looking to focus on a particular portion like VisualRF, you can allocate memory specifically for that feature.


Determining the amount of memory to allocate then depends on the customer deployment.  How many switches, controllers, APs are in the customer environment?  Of the devices, what brand are the devices (this will help take into account devices that are slow to respond)?  How many wireless clients do they typically see at peak hours?  What's the behavior of these clients (do they move a lot, do they show up everyday, do they go between floors often)?  What type of deployment is the customer environment (office, education, airport, hotspot, storefront)?  Is the customers deployment in multiple locations or a single location?  How many floor plans would they be trying to track?  These factors will help determine the kind of server resources needed to calculate the location proficiently (if location is their main goal).


Another thing to consider is if the deployment is setup for getting better location calculation?  If it's not, is customer planning to add/move APs in order to facilitate better location mapping?  


You should collect the answers to the above and then work with a sales rep or partner reseller who can help provide additional guidance.

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Re: Airwave license- Visual Rf

Thank your for your elaborated response!

Do you know where exactly I can find the needed resources for the Airwave server on the support site?

(like a document or link )




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Re: Airwave license- Visual Rf

An Airwave sizing calculator can be found here:


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