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Airwave licensing and defining "devices"

the literature i've read seems pretty vague and simple states "2500 devices" supported.  are devices the access switches and controllers under immediate control of the Airwave server or does it include the subordinate access points?  if i have 10 master controllers, each with 100 access points, am i using up 10 licenses for 1000 licenses?


part 2 is, is there anyway to scale this system beyond 2500?  the equivelant NCS system from Cisco will support 15,000 access points.  is there any way to scale the Airwave system to those numbers?


Re: Airwave licensing and defining "devices"

Devices are controllers, switches, APs, etc. that are directly managed by AirWave.   So, in your example, 10 controllers with 100 APs would need 1010 licenses; one for each AP and controller.


As for scalability, the sizing guides have information on sizing up to 5000 devices on one server, but you can also scale to multiple boxes that report up to a master console server:  

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Re: Airwave licensing and defining "devices"

perfect.  exactly what i was looking for.  thank you.

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