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Airwave logins quit working

I have a customer using Airwave 8.x.  All of their admin account logins using the local databaes quit working.  We used a password reset procedure to reset the admin password and then GUI'd into Airwave to rest all of the individual account passwords.


This morning the same thing occured and no one can log into the system.   They are opening a ticket with TAC but I was wondering if anyone had seen this type of behavior before.



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Re: Airwave logins quit working

Once you have access check what login attempts have occurred prior to the account/s being locked. I know that in 8.0 they introduced the automatic lock after X failed attempts.

If you don't see any incorrect login attempts prior to the account locks it sounds a lot like a bug.

Re: Airwave logins quit working

That's very interesting behavior.  In 8.0, we introduced a lock feature that defaults to 10 attempts before locking out an account.


What's the result of this query:

# dbc 'select id, name, login_attempts, is_enabled from users;'


My guess is that all accounts are at the limit of 10 and are disabled.  The quick fix should be:

# dbc 'update users set is_enabled=1 and login_attempts=0;'


Also, make sure these users are not using scripts that login to AMP (to access APIs, reports, dashboard elements, etc).  If they do, temporarily disable the scripts, double check that the scripts use the correct account passwords, and then re-enable.

Rob Gin
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