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Airwave management of Aruba switch stacks?

I am very familiar with Airwave for Wi-Fi but I am new to Aruba switches and Airwave management of switches.


How does Airwave handle management of ArubaOS-S switch stacks?

Do the stack members all appear as a single device in Airwave?

Is it different for frontplane and backplane stacking?

How do templates work?


Re: Airwave management of Aruba switch stacks?



Aruba Switches uses SNMP unlike Aruba Controllers, they use AMON to communicate to Airwave.


Same as controller's you could add the switches to Airwave, under monitor page, you can click on the Stack membership option, it will show the info of the stack members. I am not sure about the frontplane or backplane stacking.


Templates, need to be fetched for the device's in a group, if they are on different versions, you can have one for version. you could use variables to manage different switches using one template. 


Attaching the Airwave switch configuration guide, which will give you more details.


hope this helps..




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