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Airwave mismatch best approach - Master redundancy, IAPs

Hello Community!

Please advice on best approach when dealing with mismatches in Airwave.


1. I have Master/Backup controllers pair imported into Airwave. Master configuration has Good status, but Standby has Mismatch that points to things (some of them event in Master redundancy setup need to differ) like:

- management local user hash password (both have same passwds)

- master redundancy vrrp config (description, priority)


2. Same goes for VC cluster, where AMP always points out 'Management Local User admin Hashed Password' as a mismatch.


All devices are in Monitor mode.

I have 'Manage Local settings' in AMP Setup set to Yes. Will switching it to No solve this issue while still making backup of a full config (with local to device settings) possible?


Re: Airwave mismatch best approach - Master redundancy, IAPs

You should be able to make the hash a variable so that the template ignores the value if it's different.  If that behavior isn't working, then this should be taken up in a support case as it might require additional modifications to the template.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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