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Airwave report

I am new to Aruba Airwave, can teach the step to extract report such as

the user data should contain user mac-address, phone types, which AP the users is connecting to, date, time etc.


Re: Airwave report

You're looking for a Client Session report.  It may be worth it to check out the default Daily Client Session report to see if it has the details you need.


On your AirWave UI, navigate to Reports -> Generated Reports, and open any Daily Client Session report.


If the current report doesn't have all the details you're looking for, you can go to the Reports -> Definitions page, and either 1) create new Client Session report, or 2) edit existing Daily Client Session report.


Should you decide to create a new report, then you want to add a Report of type = Client Session, and make sure to toggle on in the definition: include details about every session, include details about every client.  For each of these toggles, you can toggle on/off the specific details you want from each.  And then for report start / stop, you can use relative time or exact time: for example start = 'yesterday' and end = 'now'.  Or you can do '24 hours ago' to 'now'.  Under scheduling options, you can schedule the report to run daily at '8:00 AM'.  And then you can email or export reports (all of this info should be in the User Guide -> available in Home Tab -> Documentation of your AirWave server).

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Re: Airwave reports combined from multiple campus environments?

i am trying to find out if i can get a combined report, from multiple airwaves, on multiple campuses (or ships in my case) and have them show up on 1 report?

any ideas?

thanks in advance

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