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Airwave reports AP down when it isn't

I'm chasing a few issues in our network with APs rebooting and rebootstrapping, but I've noticed every so often Airwave will report an AP down when it isn't.


We have 2300 APs and Airwave appears to be generally reliable in its reporting. However one particular AP I'm looking at is regularly reported as down by Airwave. Nothing is logged on the controller regarding this AP. All other APs on the controller continue to be reported as up by Airwave.


What might cause this?


Re: Airwave reports AP down when it isn't

Is there anything more in either the Controller event log or AP event log?  How many APs are on the controller?  Are you using AMON or SNMP to collect data?

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Airwave reports AP down when it isn't

Controller has 1012 APs. Using amon. This is the only AP behaving this way. I've re-provisioned it, so will see what happens.


I'm happy to dismiss this as a quick at this stage. Just thought it was odd that one AP would be reported down by Airwave out of a thousand, with nothing logged anywhere I can find.


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