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Airwave's interface report -what's it actually measuring?

Hi there,


I've a query regarding the data Airwave presents on traffic levels. 


The dashboard view on the Airwave home page gives me an indication of traffic across the whole WLAN - peaking at about 300Mbps in and 100 Mbps out. (Across 4 x M3's and about 1000 AP's). Screenie attached.


The interfaces report shows up to about 600Mbps on *each* local card. 


I understand (ie, believe ! :) )that the dashboard is only showing client traffic, where as the interface is reporting on actual traffic counters, including control(Heartbeats), management(SNMP) , etc... But do those levels sound right? The numbers imply roughly 400/2100*100 = ~20% user traffic, 80% control?



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Re: Airwave's interface report -what's it actually measuring?

Home > Overview graph is actually showing the bandwidth data over the time, for clients.


The Second Screen shot you have attached is from Capactiy Planning Report I believe.  The Interface Usage, is the per interface usage that includes interface counters and its not the usage from the client.

This Interface Usage can also be checked(Compared) on the Interface Monitoring Page of each device

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