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Airwave shows me High Phy Errors in the Reports up to 99%.



I have Airwave Version with 41 IAP-315 as a IAP-Cluster. Airwave shows me High Phy Errors in the Reports up to 99%.


Phy Errors AP.PNG


How can I check, if this a real problem on the AP? Which CLI command on the AP give me the current Status for the Phy Errors?


I believe that is a false Report because of the statistic data from the installation and before I turned down the max power in RF ARM for the APs.


Can old statistics be deleted by a certain date to prove this?


Attached a Report export.




Re: Airwave shows me High Phy Errors in the Reports up to 99%.

*Update - I'm moving the controller command up to the top of my post to avoid sending you down wrong path (my issue is more "inaccuarte high physical errors in Airwave) where as yours could be an RF 2.4GHz problem*

Our TAC case is ongoing and they checked with controller team - controller team informed me to use the following command to check for current physical errors on the AP - however, pointed that this is not "historical" but a snapshot:


show ap arm rf-summary ap-name <ap-name>

I currently have a ticket open with TAC concerning a similar issue that started with (AP-225s, AP-205s, AP-205Hs) - the key symptom in mine is essentailly - you can't have a "great physical error per second than total packets".


Back when we were on - noticed that statistics/graphs for the 802.11bgn (2.4GHz Radios) were missing/blank with maybe one single record every other day - the 802.11ac (5GHz radio statistics) were fine.


You can view these statistics by navigating to the "AP Monitoring" page and clicking each of the individual radios - then choosing "Radio Errors" from the drop down-menu.




Worked with TAC and they upgraded Airwave to which resulted in the graphs down below. The graphs were now being populated, but the statistics weren't matching up. "Physical Errors" was greater than "Total Packets" on the 2.4GHz radio. *Note we lost Channel Utilization, Goodput, and another graph with this upgrade" -> 8.2.6 has resolved what we lost in upgrading to but we're still running into the "Physical Error" graph issue on 2.4GHz.



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Re: Airwave shows me High Phy Errors in the Reports up to 99%.

Hello cbjohns,

today I checked all APs with the command "show ap arm rf-summary". The result showed no current Phy-errors on the channels in "Channel Summary".

Then I looked at the statistics of the radios, as you have described and seen that the high Pyh errors have only started since a certain day.
On this day I had activated the spectrum monitoring in the background on the 2.4 and 5GHz radio settings!

Start Phy Error.PNG



After deactivating spectrum monitoring in the background, the high Pyh error rates were immediately reduced!


Ende Phy Error.PNG

I think that was a misinterpretation of the Spectrum data from the APs by Airwave.

Thanks for your help, I do not know Airwave so well yet.




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