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Airwave sizing - IO, memory, or cpu bound?

Need to upgrade Airwave currently running in hardware that (at least in the past) met or exceeded specs.  Currently we have under 1600 devices. We only use it for monitoring only and VRF.


Looking at the sizing guidelines for 1500 devices, basically it comes out to 8 cores, 48gb ram and 6x 300gb SAS 15K drives.


Box I intend to use has 12 cores (2x 6core CPUs - same generation as above), 32gb ram (which I could get more dimms if needed) and 2x 400gb SSD drives which definitely exceeds the IOPs recommended.


So if Airwave is processor or IO bound, I should be ok with the above specs for our needs, but if it's memory bound, I would definitely add more.


Does this makes sense? TIA.

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Re: Airwave sizing - IO, memory, or cpu bound?

I see in practice mainly issues with IO and Memory. If you can add the memory you seem to be 'in-spec'. If you run under-spec, you should expect sub-optimal performance, and if you have any issues that can be problematic in case you request support.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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