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Airwave support for HP Unified Wireless comware7

We're a bit new to Airwave, only just coming into the Aruba fray recently...


We have a newly installed eval of Airwave installed, and it can poll our other controllers including some of our legacy kit, but we have two pairs of HP Unified Wireless controllers, one pair on comware5 whilst the other pair on comware7.  Airwave can poll the comware5 units, but not the comware7 pair.


I've double-checked snmp is set up correctly, and I can walk the device with an snmpwalk.


Event Logs show:

Mon May 30 09:34:08 2016 System Device HPE Unified Wired-WLAN Switch Series (id: 2349) Unknown SysObjectID ".", remaining as generic device type.


And of course, the controller shows as down...


Does anyone know if we can support this device?





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