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Airwave trigger fiber Tx/Rx threshold

Having problems with some fiber to a particular closet and I'm curious if it's possible to trigger an Airwave alert on low fiber Tx/Rx threshold from a 2920 switch?


I can log into switch and see things like voltage and tx/rx power status. (below). 


IDF22_HP3800-24# sho interfaces transceiver 25 detail

Transceiver in 25
  Interface Index    : 25
  Type              : SFP+LR
  Model              : J9151A
  Connector Type    : LC
  Wavelength        : 1310nm
  Transfer Distance  : 10.0km (9um),

  Diagnostic Support : DOM
  Serial Number      : Blahblahblah

  Temperature : 53.117C
  Voltage    : 3.2668V
  Tx Bias    : 38.442mA
  Tx Power    : 0.4955mW, -3.050dBm
  Rx Power    : 0.4324mW, -3.641dBm

  Time Stamp    : Wed Feb  6 11:43:58 2019


What I would like to do is have the switch send a trap to airwave if voltage, tx/rx power drops below threshold but I"m just not finding it in ssh session no matter how many ? marks I throw at it.


If it is possible, the very next question would be what an exceptable range would be. Would there be a difference between LRM and LR? Between 1G and 10G?


Any info appreciated. Thanks guys !!!




Re: Airwave trigger fiber Tx/Rx threshold

This would currently be a feature request.  You can open a support case to file the feature request or submit to

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