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Airwave update CentOs



Airwave 8 come with a CentoOS 6.2. There is a problem if I execute a "yum update" to update to CentOS 6.5?

We use Hyper-V as hypervisor and CentOS 6.4 and newer are best compatible with this (kernel patchs).


This is indicated by Aruba?




Paulo Raponi

Re: Airwave update CentOs

You can certainly try it on your own, but it likely won't be supported if you have/find issues. At some point AirWave will be upgraded to deploy CentOS 6.4, or later, but there's not a supported reason to update. All major security vulnerabilities are patched in/back ported as part of the normal upgrade process (like most all Linux-based OS servers). Loads of time is spent on QA, rapid and early OS upgrades are not tenable long-term.

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