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Airwave upgrade failed


I've just downloaded the Airwave upgrade package  for vsn 7.7.4. We were running  7.7_BETA_F before I downloaded the package.


Unpacked the tar file into /usr/local/src/upgrade.


Sadly there didn't seem to be any documentation  as to what to do next. Typed make and lots of things started to happen. Unfortunately the upgrade seemd to sail with an error 2 as it couldn't find a particular http package.


There is now a file in /etc called amp_disabled and whatever command I type in at a shell prompt, although it seems to work has "DISABLED - 1!!" appearing at the end.


How was I supposed to install the update? 


Will deleting /etc/amp_disabled start things up again?





Re: Airwave upgrade failed

Try issuing 


amp_enable now


It may be amp_enable -now


I forget the syntax

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Re: Airwave upgrade failed

Probably too late now. But here we go for reference (Airwave 7.7 Installation Guide):


In there you will find instructions on how to upgrade. If you are connected over ssh to the Airwave systems, I recommend you run "screen" before (in case your ssh connection dies).





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Re: Airwave upgrade failed

Many thanks for the installation document. All I did was download the Airwave upgrade  tar.gz file from support.arubanetworks.


Wasn't very helpful that nowhere in the AirWave 7.7.4 directory could I find anything that told you what to do with the upgrade file hence the "Oh there's a Makefile, perhaps I just run make" thought process.

I'm running start_amp_upgrade -v 7.7.4 to see what happens




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Re: Airwave upgrade failed

Well, things seem to have happened.  An upgrade to 7.7.4 seems to have happened and I've managed to log into the server. However, I now have an error message saying



Some indices on database tables were not built correctly. This may result in slow responses when searching. Contact Aruba Technical Support at




Even managed to install the new kernel as suggested after I did the upgrade



Re: Airwave upgrade failed

That's a known issue.  BETA E throguh G had an issue with the migration worker who adds new indices.  To fix, run the rebuild indices script


# cd /root/svn/mercury/scripts

# ./


Once this is done, you should be back in a sane state.

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Re: Airwave upgrade failed


Many thanks, everything is working as it should. Can close this case but now need to "tweak" the amount of swap space created by the OS


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