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Airwave upgrade from to 8.0 export/import

Does anyone have any experience with exporting devices and VisualRF data accross servers?


I am undergoing an upgrade of airwave.  We have new hardware to run 8.0 on but I am trying to figure out the best upgrade option.  I am considering exporting a device list and all the maps (with AP locations)  instead of upgrading through all of the jump versions to get to 8.0.  Also we have 4 servers so this would be quite the process.


Any other thoughts?





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Re: Airwave upgrade from to 8.0 export/import

As for the Visual RF plans, export then import into new server, preferably AFTER the steps below:


How to get devices from the old (7.x) server into the new (8.0) server?  Use the article here: to export devices in the proper format.


With the CSV that is created login to your 8.x server using https://<ip address of 8.x server>/ap_create_csv_uploader and import the CSV file created from the previous step into there.  Caveat:  All devices will be uploaded to the same folder


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