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Airwave virtualization

Hello, My Airwave is on a physical server but with very poor performance (RAM and IO disk). So i would like to set up the soft on a brand new Virtual Machine with adapted ressources... I'm looking for some tips :) how to export the database ? how to export the licence ? should i change the controler set up ? Or can i set up the virtual machine with the "orginal" IP address ? The VM is ready with the Vmware tools. Thanks for your help. Rgds Jean-Christophe

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Re: Airwave virtualization

Best thing to do in my opinion:

1. take back-up of your existing server:

Run the backup script by typing 'amp_backup' on the Airwave CLI and copy it out of your server
This creates a backup of the system located in /alternative/databackup.tar.gz.


2.copy your license from the GUI


3.Install your airwave on your new server with the same IP address as the old one so you don't need to transfer your license and you don't need to adapt your controllers


4. copy your backup to the correct folder /alternative/databackup.tar.gz


5. do a restore of your data

amp_restore -d /alternative/databackup.tar.gz


 (don't forget to add your license again on the new server)

If I am forgetting something, please complete :-)

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Re: Airwave virtualization

Thanks !

Re: Airwave virtualization

The license is tied to the ip address, so yes easier to have the same ip address.


The process Thomasds explained is how I would do it as well.

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Re: Airwave virtualization



We have some problems about the backup / restore.

The manual backup seems to be inccomplete, we launched it 2 times and the tar size is different every time (500Mb, 800Mb).

I think the lack of performance on the physical server can imply a bad backup.


How can i stop the services properly ? I would like to try a manual backup with the major services down.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Airwave virtualization

Hello again,

I stopped the services with the amp script then launched the backup.

Finally i restored the tar and things are now going well :)

License OK

Performance OK

Database OK




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