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Airwave with no SNMP allowed.

After inheriting an existing airwave setup I have come to find out that SNMP traps are not allowed through the firewall between the controllers and airwave.  The odd thing is that airwave seems to be working great.  Client history, RAPIDS, device performance, VisualRF, alerts etc.  all seem to to be working as expected.   It must be using i's SSH logins to get everything


The design is an all masters design.


My question is: 


What are the downsides to not receiving the traps from the controllers?


-perfomance issues?

-monitring issues?

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Re: Airwave with no SNMP allowed.

Most likely Airwave is getting that information via SNMP Polling, where Airwave will initiate a "get" to the controller.


Not being able to receive alerts from the controller you will miss:


- Authentication Failures and radius server down

- IDS/IPS traps

- Access Points being down (SNMP polling will reveal this, but only during the polling interval)

- User Roaming Traps


That is just a subset of what you will miss.

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Re: Airwave with no SNMP allowed.

Yes, AirWave SNMP Polling is over port 161, while SNMP Traps are over port 162.


The advantage of getting traps is that traps aren't request based.  With snmp polling, you're only getting data at intervals.  Traps give you a constant stream of live data updating the AMPs view of the network.  Things you can miss sometimes are user add/drops that occur between polls.


If you're doing a lot of user diagnostics and troubleshooting, you'll want to find a way to enable SNMP traps.

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