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Airwave won't do Configuration Change Jobs for periodic reboots every 3 months.

I've configured a batch of switches to reboot every 3 months on the second Saturday of that month but it simply won't reboot.


All switches are in Monitoring + Firmware updates only but I have enabled the "Allow Rebooting Monitor Only APs/Devices" setting under Firmware upgrade/reboot option. 

Setting the Desired Start Date option for a time before or on the date I want it to restart (2nd saturday every 3 months at 3am) doesn't seem to do anything either as the switches simply won't reboot.

If I set the Change Job to occur One Time and set a specific date and time, it does reboot just fine. I changed it to the third Saturday of the month to test it and it didn't do it. Now I changed it to the forth but I'm not confident it will do either. 

We are running Airwave 8.2.6


What could I be missing here? 



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Re: Airwave won't do Configuration Change Jobs for periodic reboots every 3 months.

We need to check device telnet logs to find whether Airwave have sent reboot command to switches.


You can download diagnostic.tar.gz file from AMPCLI or system status page and look for that specific Switch ID log, you can get id of switch from Devices>Monitor page URL of switch in Airwave.


If Airwave sent reboot command but switch didn't responded then its switch issue but if Airwave itself didn't triggered command then its a defect.


since server is in old 8.2.6 code, I would recommend to upgrade server to latest code first and check, if issue still persist then open TAC ticket to file defect, if reboot command is not initiated in telnet log.





Pavan Arshewar | ACCP

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