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All APs disappeared from VisualRF...

I've been working on placing APs into VisualRF for several of our buildings. I had maybe 100 or so placed. I monitored them for a few days, everything seemed good. A week or so later I went back to place more APs, only to find out VisualRF has lost them ALL. The maps and buildings are there, but APs are not. I cannot re-add APs either... they no longer show in the list of availible APs to add.


Seems like they are tied up in VisualRF somewhere... I'm running Airwave 8.2.3


Re: All APs disappeared from VisualRF...

Step 1: Open a support case.


Some things to collect:


site.xml -> navigate into VRF to a map where you had placed APs, left click on the map section so that it's the active frame, keypress ctrl+x+m+l.  This should launch a new tab showing a text representation of your map.  See if you can search for the AP names that you've previously placed.  If you see it in the XML, then it's possible that it's just a display issue - stopping and then starting the VRF engine from the VisualRF Setup page should do the trick.


If for any reason the APs are not showing up in the site.xml, then a support case is the best way to debug.  Do not restart VRF if this is the case.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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