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All APs mismatched in Airwave

I deployed Airwave tonight and after adding in all of the APs, they all showed as Mismatched.  I ran "import" on the devices but they all went back to Mismatched.  When I drill into one of them it states that the reason is because the field of "Master Controller IP Address/DNS Name" has a value of the IP address of the controller and the desired value is "<unset>".  I'm not sure why it would be desired to have no value, but that it what it claims.  Did some googling and read the deployment guide but I'm not seeing much in regard this this particular mismatch.  This is on 7.7.12 and the "User Global Settings" is set to No.  Thanks for any help.


Re: All APs mismatched in Airwave

Are you using AirWave in monitor or manage mode? If you are monitoring only and allowing the controllers to manage configurations, then you can remove change the "Audit Configuration on Devices" setting to No on the Basic properties of the group with your APs (or all groups).   



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Re: All APs mismatched in Airwave

thanks, but I would still like Airwave to audit my changes, even though it's monitoring only.

All the documentation i've read indicates the import settings feature should replace the airwave expected configuration with the actual configuration of the device, in this case the controller. It works for a few seconds, but then goes back to a mismatch.
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Re: All APs mismatched in Airwave

have a look at what exactly missmatches. i have been working on this for a bit and there are parts that just won't work. for example different certificates per controller or passwords.


you can exluded certain specific items.

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