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Aruba 3810 SNMPv3 monitoring, traps and Syslog

I have 2 Aruba 3810 monitored in Airwave, and although the SNMPv3 is working, i can poll them for information.. i am not reciving syslogs or traps. When an uplink is pulled, i dont get the alert within airwave. 



Loging config on the switch


logging (local PC)
logging (Airwave
logging facility syslog
logging severity info


I have tested this with wireshark on my laptop and syslogs are being sent by the switch, with a source address of the IP which is managed in Airwave. 


does anybody know a working Syslog, SNMP traps config to work with Airwave.


I have this working with Comware7 Switches on the same network and not ACL between the 3810 and the Airwave server.

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Re: Aruba 3810 SNMPv3 monitoring, traps and Syslog


fixed the logging with an ip source-interface all loopback 1 command

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