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Aruba Central API Gateway: a report with the list of APs and subscriptions per client in MSP view

This is an update of the former post available here: 


Here I attach a Python script that will help us to get an Escel file (.cvs file) with the list of APs and subscriptions that every customer has been assigned in the MSP view.


It is an upgraded version of the former code. Now only a generated “access_token” is needed as an input. See the previous post, steps 1-3, if you are not sure how to get it.


It is important to point that in order to automate the “get request” operations I am using the non-GMO library for Python called “requests”, available here. It is necessary to install this library to run the attached code.


When running this script you must copy and paste the generated “access_token”:


script mejorado.png


As a result you get a .cvs file in the same path where you are running the script. This is an example of the generated file:

 ejemplo APs subscripciones.png

I hope it could help you positioning the advanced features only available with Aruba Central. 


Esteban Tayo.

Systems Engineer - Aruba Mexico 






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