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Aruba Clearpass and Dell Switches - TACACS+

I am fairly new to working with ClearPass and have been running into some issues with TACACS+ authentaction for various Dell switch modles (x1000 series, PowerConnect 3000 series, and PowerConnect 6000 series). We are able to successfully authenticate through both SSH and HTTP, and the appropriate priveleges are being passed through for SSH. However, when logging in through the web ui all the options to edit setting are not available.


This isn't such a big deal on the 3000 series and 6000 series as we can configure everything through the CLI. The model that is plaguing us is the x1000 series as the CLI is very limited and changes to ports has to be done through the web interface. I believe this to be an issues with the priveleges not passing correctly for the web ui, but I dont see any options within Clearpass that would pass the appropriate privledges.


Has anyone come accross this before?

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