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Aruba Instant AP - Solarwinds showing Utilization of 1000%

I have a customer with several Aruba 650 controllers and Aruba Instant AP controllers.  All is well with monitoring via Solarwinds; however, we have a few Instant AP controllers showing traffic and utilization well over allotted bandwidth and I am fairly certain it is not correct.  I have posted a screenshot of Solarwinds interface and stats from CLI on the IAP.  Any thoughts besides Solarwinds handling of Aruba IAP?


# show interface
bond0 is up, line protocol is up
Hardware is Gigabit Ethernet, address is
Speed 1000Mb/s, duplex full
Received packets                 583404337
Received bytes                   2848572512
Receive dropped                  0
Receive errors                   0
Receive missed errors            0
Receive overrun errors           0
Receive frame errors             0
Receive CRC errors               0
Receive length errors            0
Transmitted packets              76313633
Transmitted bytes                3615073367
Transmitted dropped              0
Transmission errors              0
Lost carrier                     0



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Re: Aruba Instant AP - Solarwinds showing Utilization of 1000%

We have the same problem. Has this been resolved?

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Re: Aruba Instant AP - Solarwinds showing Utilization of 1000%

Anyone ever get this resolved?  We also have this issue.

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