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Aruba OS - I can't delete a Virtal AP Profile

As i was settting up our 7210 controller i created a few profiles to create Virtal APs.  Now I need to delete those profiles, but i cannot seem to get them deleted.  Sketch.png

As you can see it states that the configuration is inherited.  Where can i find the top level of inheritance for the profile?


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Re: Aruba OS - I can't delete a Virtal AP Profile

SSH into the MD (controller) and Type:

show configuration effective detail | include virtual

Press the space bar until you get down to the WLAN Virtual-AP section and it will tell you.

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Re: Aruba OS - I can't delete a Virtal AP Profile

Make sure there's no AAA profiles assigned to use that Virtual AP.  If there is, you need to set them to either default or create a new AAA profile for them.  Once there are no AAA profiles, a VAP can be delete.

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Re: Aruba OS - I can't delete a Virtal AP Profile

Thank you for the quick replies, which was helpful informaiton.  It appears that in the Aruba OS, the "mobility Controller" heading has configurable settings, which are a higher level than any setting made on a node below it.  I have found that some settings can only be made on a node, such as setting a static IP address for a VLAN.  Once i selected the highes level "mobility controller" from the navigation on the left hand side of the screen, i was able to delete the profile. for the virutal AP

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