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Aruba WiFi and Proxy Servers

Hi, I have installed a Aruba Wifi network in work with about 50 access points. The vendor who installed it says it is not compatible with the proxy server on our network and says to access the internet over WiFi we have to bypass it also bypassing our web filtering.


My question is simple: does the latest version of Aruba support connecting to a proxy server to access the internet? We use Microsoft TMG, the most recent version. If so how is this configured.


Many thanks for reading this far! I know this is a simple question but we are new to this product!



Re: Aruba WiFi and Proxy Servers

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Re: Aruba WiFi and Proxy Servers

I would be surprised if the Aruba/TMG were flat out incompatible.


Authentication on the other hand can be challenging. For example, if you need Aruba to pass usernames to TMG. I know Aruba supports radius accounting so perhaps that is your solution for authenticating to the proxy.




Re: Aruba WiFi and Proxy Servers

Hi ,

what do you mean by "not compatible with proxy" ?


from my own experience i can say that..


  • captive portal is not compatible with Explicit proxy (not only Aruba Proxy)
  • so if you are using PSK or 802.1X authentication , there is no problem


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