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ArubaOS "banner motd" Breaking Airwave

To meet security requirements we utilise banner motd in our ArubaOS switches.  This alters the SSH logon a little whereby a motd (message of the day) is printed prior to the password promt, and the Press Enter to Continue message after login isn't displayed.


Devices show the error “Error(Telnet/SSH Error: (pattern match timed-out) in password failure: from X.X.X.X)” – where X.X.X.X is the last ip that we logged in to that switch from. Presumably Airwave is expecting the Press Enter to Contiune post-login page and doesn't get it, as such, Airwave is unable to run any SSH commands on the switch, despite logging in successfully accordning to the switch logs.


Any idea if Airwave can support this option?




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Re: ArubaOS "banner motd" Breaking Airwave

Its a known issue and will be fixed in 8.2.10


Workaround: Remove the MOTD banner to fix the reported Telnet/SSH error issue or SSH using local DB user of the switch without using CPPM as management authentication login(Radius/TACACS) for the switch.


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Re: ArubaOS "banner motd" Breaking Airwave

Thanks Pavan.  Will contact our HP reps and see when we can get a fix.

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