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(Ask) Airwave Failover Server Configuration

Is there any doumentation for configuring or best practices AMP Failover server ?

I have one main AMP and another one Failover server. They are on different subnet/network but able to communicate to each other (ping, etc).

I am trying to create/test my redudancy config. Main AMP already added to Failover server as "watched AMP" and nightly backup are copied/synced from Main AMP to Failover AMP.


When I disconnect my main AMP, I am hoping to see my devices listed and viewable on the Failover GUI. Is it posible? Cause, when I do that, Failover are not showing the information as shown on Main AMP. 


I have search this forum, aruba kb and the web, but never found the documentation for AMP Failover config/bp.

Any help are appreciated.



Re: (Ask) Airwave Failover Server Configuration

On the Watched AMPs page of the Failover server, were there any messages in the Status column for the AMP?


These settings can impact how long it takes for Failover to take over for its watched AMPs:


 - HTTP Timeout
 - Polling Period
 - Missed Poll Threshold

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Re: (Ask) Airwave Failover Server Configuration

Hi Dan, 

on watched AMP's Page, I only see these column :

- Polling enable : yes

- Polling Period : 5 minutes

- Missed Poll Treshold : 3

- Last Contacted : 9/3/2012

I don't have HTTP Timeout column.


And the version of the watched AMP and Failover AMP are different. Is this acceptable?



Re: (Ask) Airwave Failover Server Configuration

If you click the pencil on that list, it will take you to the page where you can update the timeout.  


The version of Failover should always be the same as the version of the AMP.  

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