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BI Dashboard Using AirWave

I'm trying to put together a BI Dashboard from many different datapoints within the company. 


AirWave is one of them. I was hoping to find some sort of live view integration such as an iFrame but have yet to see anything of the such. 


If there is a solution please let me know. 


Additionally, if there is not, I would still like to have at least daily reports generated for things such as down APs, top consumers, top error generators, etc.


I know that AirWave can automatically generate reports and send them via CSV but these reports are very bloated with information that is irrelevant to me, and sometimes even just empty columns right in the middle of my data. 


This is not ideal as it requires manipulation before it can be consumed by our BI Dashboard solution, in order for it to be useful at a glance. 



Is there a way to further customize the limited "Custom report" functionality within AirWave? 


I'm using AirWave


Re: BI Dashboard Using AirWave

While generating reports, for some reports, there are options to select what columns to be displayed. Airwave also has limited list of API's which can be used. The API details are under Home > Doumentation page on Airwave.


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