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Broken HP server after Airwave upgrade

From what I can conclude, following a reboot after performing an upgrade from 8.0.7 to, our HP server failed to boot, with the following error:


[Firmware Bug]: The BIOS Has Corrupted Hw-PMU Resources


 From what I have found on various forums, this error could be ignored, but I cant boot past it.  THe "fix" is also to disable some performance monitoring int he Service menu, but this doesnt work either...  I can only try to re-install 8.0.7 and see if this works again.


The error would appear when trying to boot from the setup disk, or following the update via the cli.  Ive also tried to HP servers, with the same error... :-(





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Re: Broken HP server after Airwave upgrade

Please get HP's expert opinion about this and report back to us.

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Re: Broken HP server after Airwave upgrade

Ill see what I can do.. we dont have any direct support with HP for the DL360-G6, so its going to be a case of hitting the net for solutions...  I will of course ensure that the box has the latest bios/firmwares installed.  


The best info I have seen so far is here:


However, the advisory links within the thread dont seem to work!  


the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources" gets displayed as the OS is trying to use a performance counter the BIOS is using.  You can either ignore the message, or turn off performance monitoring in the BIOS as shown in this advisory:




Currently ProLiant BIOS does not support the ACPI ERST feature and can be safely ignored


I cant see any way to prceed beyond this error...

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