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Can't change time on ARUBA AIRWAVE

AIRWAVE version 8.2.4 From this link  I can't access root account and I can access with admin account but when I access with admin account show in Pic1 and I follow step form this link  but I can't access for edit AIRWAVE (show in Pic2). Please help me for this case.



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Re: Can't change time on ARUBA AIRWAVE



We have blocked root shell access from 8.2.4 code, I would recommand to take TAC help in setting time. TAC can ssh with root access and make changes in shell.


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Re: Can't change time on ARUBA AIRWAVE

Hi jateairhead, I'm not seeing it in the "AMPCLI - Appendix B of the User Guided" but I know they added that ability - I just can't be certain when it was added (I saw it in 8.2.6) - believe it was under "8 Advanced". Although probably safer to go TAC route without upgrading - unless there's specific bugs/issues that you need addressed via an upgrade. We lost channel utilization, goodput, and radio channel graphs when updated to - but that has been resolved for us in 8.2.6. :-)


Re: Can't change time on ARUBA AIRWAVE

under advanced, there's set timezone.


1 Restart Application
2 Reboot System
3 Configure Network Settings
4 Set Hostname
5 Set Timezone
6 Shutdown System (halt)
b >> Back
Your choice:


If you're still having issues, then in and newer, there is the 'enter commands' option #11 off the main menu:


AirWave Management Platform 8.2.6 on
1 Upload File
2 Download File
3 Delete File
4 Backup
5 Restore
6 Support
7 Upgrade
8 Advanced
9 Security
10 Custom Commands
11 Enter Commands
q >> Quit

Running Enter Commands

Type 'help' for the list of commands.
$ ? date
date - Show current date and time
date MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY]
Set the date and time - the century and year are optional


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