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Can you merge multiple Visual RF Plan campuses or backup files?

In an effort to deploy a customer quickly we used the offline Visual RF Plan tool to "prebuild" the Visual RF module. The project was split between two engineers; one assigned the academic buildings and the other assigned the dorm buildings. They each created a campus with buildings, floors and APs and exported the backup files to use with the newly deployed AirWave server. 

Now that the AirWave server is deployed we are importing these backup files to quickly build out Visual RF. However, the customer would like everything to be under a single campus and not split between two; Academic & Dorms. 

Is there any way to merge these two campuses together within AirWave Vis RF? Or is there a method using the offline plan tool to merge them first, then export and then import into AMP?

Michael McNamee
Sr. Network Engineer - SecurEdge Networks

Re: Can you merge multiple Visual RF Plan campuses or backup files?

Is the division clean?  Meaning is there a good split between buildings in the campus?  If there is, then that's easier, but if there's not, then it'll take some work.


1) rename campuses to be identifiably different (i.e. master vs secondary)

2) go to VRF Setup in AirWave -> toggle HTML5 off, save -> aim is to get into Flash mode since the feature has not yet been ported into HTML5 code

3) go into the secondary campus, right click on a building -> change campus to the master, save

4) repeat for all buildings


If you have buildings that are split, you'll just have to go 1 additional layer to rename the secondary buildings, I usually append an extra number/letter at the end of the name, so building1 = building1a to differentiate from the building that's on the master campus.


Then instead of right clicking on the building, you'll drill into the building view and right click on the floor.  And then from there select campus & building to migrate.


Once all this is completed, go back to VRF setup and toggle back to HTML5.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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