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Change Airwave VisualRF Top Floor Plan

We currently are running Airwave 

I inherited an Airwave system that was configured by a predecessor. 

When I click on VisualRF I am presented with a map that has all of our campuses shown on the map whereas I can click on a particular campus and I'm presented with the maps of that campus.

I would like to change the top map without changing/re-doing all the subsequent campus maps. 


Is this possible?


Re: Change Airwave VisualRF Top Floor Plan

So you're just trying to change the network level map?  If so, you can go to the network level, right click on the background and select the option to 'set background'.


Also, you're on an old version of AirWave. is the latest with 8.2.6 coming out sometime this week or next (I'm trying to post it today, but figured I'd give it some lee-way)

Rob Gin
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Re: Change Airwave VisualRF Top Floor Plan

I was hoping it was something as simple as just changing the background. Thanks for the info!


As for the old version, yes I do know  that. I've never done an update since taking over the management of this and I was just a little apprehensive to doing it. It's running on a VM and I wanted to have access to Vsphere to take a snapshot prior to making any changes. I'm waiting on that access to proceed.

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