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ClearPass and Aruba/HPE switches

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Is there any benefit to using new Aruba 2920 switches when planning on using ClearPass?


I'm trying to set up a lab to learn more about the product and don't know if the 2920 has any special tie-ins that other vendors might not have.


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Re: ClearPass and Aruba/HPE switches

Captive portal support is a major benefit. Most vendors still don't have
working captive portal support. User roles will be coming this year which
add user context instead of just VLAN.

You should see other features from the mobility access switch line in the
ArubaOS-Switches over the next year.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: ClearPass and Aruba/HPE switches

As of Release 16.01 for the ArubaOS Switches (2920 is one of them) the benefits and integration with the entire Aruba portfolio is coming into play , as stated before, support for ClearPass is part of this release, which means ,  that Change of authorization (CoA) and Captive Portal are fully supported.

If you are using other Aruba product on your network there are a few other cool features that might come handy. Rouge AP Detection, Set PoE priority, Auto Add VLAN - all of these are MAS Features that are now supported by the 2920. other features incluse AirWave support - Zero-touch provisioing, firmware upgrade and Template based configuration.


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