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Client count based on AP group



We have 2 different AP group(with different vlan) for same SSID. AP group name  1) Employee1  2) Employee2. we have assigned Employee1 AP group on 20 AP and Employee2 AP group on 30 AP.

We have configured /23 subnet for these 2 AP group.


In Airwave all AP are in single group for monitoring purpose.


How can i get currently associated total client count for the respective AP group.

I also want to configure client exceed(245 client) threshold for respective AP group.


Thank you..

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Re: Client count based on AP group

show user-table ap-group NAME-OF-AP-GROUP


Sven - AMFX #35

Re: Client count based on AP group

While they can all be in the same group, they can also be in different folders.  Folders in AirWave are meant for viewing.


That way you can have your universal view in the groups tab, while having a more modular view in the ap/devices folders view.  Also note that in the ap/devices view -> you have an option to view the Top level, and expand to show all devices in the tree.




1) all devices


1) ap group 1

2) ap group 2

Then when you view Clients, you'll be able to see the current client count next to the folder tree:



-To do this, go to ap/devices, at the bottom of the screen is the option to add folders.  Create 2 folders for each of the ap-groups.

-Then go to Groups -> and in your group, create a new view that shows the ap-group, sort on ap group


-then you can use the modify option to pick all the APs in ap-group 1 and assign to a folder (save/apply).

-then repeat for the devices in the other ap-group

-when you view ap/devices, you should see all your APs split between the 2 folders (any remaining devices can sit in the top folder)

-and when you view clients, you'll see the new folder tree displaying client counts as I showed above

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