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Client information missing in Airwave

Hi, i have a strange problem with my Airwave deployment. Our Airwave perfectly, collecting data about APs and clients until first reboot (after deployment from OVA). I can see AP and details about APs but absolutely no clients data. There is 0 clients connected in AirWave and for example 520 in MC.


Once client data recording stopped in the middle of the day without any event like restart or migration of the AirWave VM.


Airwave, MC and APs are in one L2 network. Can anybody hint me hot to debug this behavior? Now I'm going to do 7th redeployment of our Airwave. Only solution I have is redeploy Airwave from OVA and do all configuration and device discovery again.



Re: Client information missing in Airwave


Are these mobility controllers or IAPs? Are we collecting details from device using SNMP or AMON? You can check the Amp setup --> General --> Additional Amp services and check whether Prefer AMON vs SNMP Polling is set to yes. If its set to yes, it means the data is collected over AMON. 

If its AMON please check the AMON configuration on Controller and make sure everything looks good. You can execute the below commands on Controller(mobility) CLI to check whether AMON is configured correctly if we are using it. 


#show mgmt-servers

#show mgmt-server profile default-amp


Also, what is the status of the devices on Airwave? Any errors in the event log when we do a manual poll?

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Re: Client information missing in Airwave

I did have this problem, on my case was the firewall between vlans that was blocking port 8211.


I opened the port, click a few times on poll now, and wait a few minutes.


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