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Configuration Mismatch in Airwave

I provisioned an ap to the new ap-group i created but when the ap comes up in airwave its showing mismatch (under the configuration column) and the ap group says default but thats not the ap goup i want it in.How do i configure airwave to notice that this is not a mismatch?


Re: Configuration Mismatch in Airwave

The answer in dependant on a few questions, but I'll make a stab at it...


Assuming that you're using Airwave in Monitor mode, any change you make through your management systems will be detected as a change from the configuration monitored in Airwave. You'll have to tell Airwave about the change, or tell it to re-learn the new configuration (Import) as the new "standard."


From the mismatched device's 'Manage' tab, you can click the 'Import' button to import the current configuration of an AP


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