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Configure airwave on controller, or controller on airwave?

Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between configuring the ip address of an airwave server on my MM controller, vs. adding the ip of my controller to airwave. If I add the airwave ip to my controller, nothing seems to happen -- airwave doesn't pick it up. But the documentation is unclear about what to put for the snmp community string -- is this the community string on the airwave server that "pushes" data to airwave? Or is it pulled from airwave, and this should be the snmp community configured on the controller? Are there any logs showing what the controller is trying to do when you set the ip of the airwave server?



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Re: Configure airwave on controller, or controller on airwave?

You need to:


1- Set an SNMP read string on the controller

2- Add the Controller in Airwave using Add Device(s)

3-Put the ip address of Airwave in the controller


Step 1 and 2 sets up Airwave to poll the controller via SNMP

Step 3 sets the controller to push a data feed (AMON) to Airwave

Step 3 will not display any data in Airwave until steps 1 and 2 are completed.



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Re: Configure airwave on controller, or controller on airwave?

Thank you very much for the quick and excellent response! I'd highly recommend that your post replace that section of the user manual. :)

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