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Controller config shows as mismatched


Using Airwave with 7005 controller on

The controller is in a group called 'Controllers.' It is the only device in that group.

The configuration shows as 'mismatched' so I audit the device and then import to 'Update group settings based on this device's current configuration.'


If I understand correctly, the device configuration should now show as good. However, it still shows as mismatched.

When I compare the current device config to the desired config, it only shows one line:

IPSEC Transform Set 'default-ha-transform' Status --  Present -- Delete


Airwave just doesn't like this command.

Why does it want to delete it?

What step am I missing?





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Re: Controller config shows as mismatched

I'm wondering if anyone wants to take a stab at this???....


I've got two controllers monitored by Airwave, and no matter what I do, I can't get the configs in a 'good' state.

I've audited and imported the configs many times.

I've deleted the controllers from Airwave and re-added them.


For the controller I mentioned above, Airwave now also wants to delete the ipsec key that controller uses to talk to the master controller.

For the master controller, Airwave is remembering an old configuration, and wants to change many, many items.


I can click on 'View Telnet/SSH command log' and see that Airwave has talked to the controller and fetched the current running config. I can click on 'view running config' and see that Airwave knows about what's currently running on the contoller.


When I click 'Import', Airwave shows me the changes it's going to make. And yet, it seems these changes never get made.


Short of reloading Airwave completely, is there a way to completely reset its databases?



Re: Controller config shows as mismatched

I see a similar mismatch in my environment, so it seems a known issue. In my  Engineering is already working on it (ref: DE23898).


What worked for me in the mean-time, is to ignore the IPSec default-ha-transform setting (via Customize); the config does show 'Good' in the status; you can still see the mismatch on the Audit page.


If you need an urgent solution, please open a TAC case, so TAC can keep you informed about the progress. For non-urgent, you can check the release notes for upcoming Airwave releases to see if this issue is resolved.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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