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Creating Many Very Similar AirWave Reports

I have to create approx 80 AirWave reports that only differ by the folder (building) the stats are being reported on. Is there a way to do a "Save As" or some way to duplicate a defined report so I can change the name and the folder checked without having to recreate all of the details in every one from scratch? I could not find a way either to have all 80 graphs in a single report. If there's a way to do that, I'd be interested in it too.


Re: Creating Many Very Similar AirWave Reports

Great ideas, but there's not a good way to clone report definitions, and there's not a way to compare a bunch of folder graphs on the same page.  I would recommend dropping by our Idea Portal, which is linked to from, and adding an idea or two (or voting for existing ones if somebody else has already posted .  


Re: Creating Many Very Similar AirWave Reports

Dan is right about cloning report defintions for different folders, it is not currently supported.  Please do open a feature request for that.


As for displaying folder level graphs on one page, we made some changes in the latest release (which is in development right now) to display graphs by folder. The two reports we added functionality like that is network usage report and client session report. The network usage has an option in the report definition to break it down by folder for both the client count and bandwidth graphs. For the client session report we break it down by folder only for the top clients.



Re: Creating Many Very Similar AirWave Reports

You can also request a feature request through the Aruba Support Portal and see if it gets picked up as well as talking to your sales rep/SE.


In the Aruba support portal (after logging in)

Access Feature Requests via Idea Portal

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