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DWG Import in Airwave 8.2.4

I'm setting up airwave visual and I was able to import DWG drawing that I have, but a couple of issues bring to a quite unacceptable layout:

- When a layer selection (among the steps) is shown, no matter which layer I select, all the layers are imported; maybe this is by design since identification of walls is for planning and have I to provide a simpler DWG?

- When DWG is imported the line thickness is huge and I see no way to change it so that the imported drawing is a mess in which it is quite impossible to undestand anything

Maybe the first is not a issue (but should be a desired feature) and importing only part of the layers in the dwg is not a feasible option, but the second seeems to be an issue that cannot be overcome ... or maybe have I to prepare a special DWG?

I have attached a couple of png with a part of the DWG file to be compared to the layout shown by Visual after importing that DWG

Re: DWG Import in Airwave 8.2.4

The DWG import in Airwave has limited control for complex files. What I do under these circumstances is use a DWG viewer where I can control layers, etc, create a screenshot from there to a PNG file and import that.

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