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Daily change of SSID password


in our school we have an Aruba 6000 controller and about 60 APs.

There is a special SSID for our students to log in. The password should automatically change daily.

Is it possible to create a *.xls with the passwords for the next let´s say 30 days which the Aruba 6000 can use for this purpose ?


Peter from Germany

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Re: Daily change of SSID password



Not sure if there is an already existing solution for this. It looks like it cannot be done through the controller API either.

One option would be creating a script that performs it periodically (SSH to the controller and then change the password)

I do not know if there is a simpler solution



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Re: Daily change of SSID password



Actually you can't make any change by directly connecting to the controller since it's blocked in writing by airwave , you can only make read request like "show".

I've created a powershell script which connect to the network interface ("https://<airwave>") in order to change the wpa2key but i still can't validate any change since it seem to wait for an user interface inside the input field to detect the modification.


I've also tried the postman method or the cURLs one but still without sucess.

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Re: Daily change of SSID password

Thank you guys for your help - but I think there isn´t a solution for this kind of problem.

I wonder how other schools with a limited bandwith let their students into their WiFi without a daily change of the password. Without a pw change the students´ phones will be online all the time getting updates and reducing the bandwith...

But thank you for your help ! 

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